Free Write # 1


I am so excited. I am at my condo for skiing at Waterville valley and my friend Raymond is going to stay at the condo with me . Raymond arrives here and it is time to go to bed. It is my first day skiing at Waterville. The mountain goes 50 feet over the clouds. Me and Raymond go on the trail Valley run. We love going in the nature adventure park in the woods. It is lunch time and we see my mom and sister .They are really good skiiers. Mom says my friend and I can ski on Tippecanoe trail.   It is easier then Oblivian, the one that is a blue . I go on it my second day.  At the end of the day  we are on it and I am panicking. I say to myself ,fear is taking me down. Well, I have no idea where Raymond is .He went out of control right when we got on the trail. He went zooming down and I hope he is okay. I flash back to being on Oblivian and I think it is way easier then being on this horrible Tippecanoe. My mom is saying ” Alex, you have to come down, you can’t walk down. It is getting dark, ski down the mountain right now!

One thought on “Free Write # 1

  1. Alex, You did such a good job. You had so much information. I Learned so much from just a couple paragraphs. You did such a good job.

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