Tropical Rainforest

Tropical Rain Forest
By Alex Akbarian

A tropical rain forest is very hot and humid. There is 60 to 400 inches of rainfall a year. Where is a tropical rain forest located? A tropical rain forest is located on the equator. There are tropical rain forest all over the world but they are all on one line the equator. There is a tropical rain forest in Africa that is located on the equator. The tropical rainforest in Australia is located on the equator but it isn’t very big. My favorite is The tropical rainforest in brazil the Amazon. All the places the Tropical rainforest are located they have to be on the equator because if they aren’t the animals will die.

What are Producers? Producers are living things that make there own food. The Producers are very important to the rain forest because they give all the living things food because they can’t make there own food. What are the producers in the tropical rainforest? All the producers in the the tropical rainforest are trees or plants. Here are some producers leaves,trees,flowers. The tropical rainforest food chains depend on producers or there would be nothing left of a tropical rainforest.

What are Consumers? Consumers are living things that can’t make there own food. Consumers depend on producers. There are many Consumers in the tropical Rain forest. All the animals in the tropical rainforest are consumers. Here are some consumers Blue Bird of Paradise, Common Marmoset, Banded linsang. Consumers are a big part of the tropical rainforest food chain. A Consumer eats a producer and then a Consumer get’s eaten by another Consumer so that is how Consumers are very important to the tropical rainforest. Without any Consumer’s there would be no animals living because if there wasn’t a Consumer that eats a producer no animals would be alive.

Human Impact

What are humans doing to tropical rainforests? We are mostly destroying them. We have barely any people trying to save tropical rainforest. We are cutting down trees and destroying food chains of the tropical rainforest. What would happen without tropical rain forest? There would hardly be any oxygen. There would be hardly any water. There would be not that many animals living. There would be hardly any green in the world without tropical rainforests. What can we do to help? We can cut only one percent of trees and don’t go near trees that have bird nests. We can also stop killing animals because that is destroying lot’s of out tropical rainforest. We can also not pollute so much because we are destroying water in the tropical rainforest. Today tropical rainforest are disappearing like a snap of a finger. Human Impact on a tropical rainforest is not good.

Tropical Rain forest Habitat

The Tropical Rainforest is very unique. It’s Habitat is really different from other ecosystems. As I said tropical a tropical rainforest is very hot and humid. The tropical rainforest rainforest get’s the most rainfall out of all the ecosystems. Also the animals are very different from other tropical rainforests. This is how it is very unique. The tropical rain forest has trees that go on and on forever. The Tropical rainforest has big rivers that are very unique from other ecosystems. The tropical rainforest is very different from a temperate forest. First of all a tropical rainforest get’s way more rain then a temperate forest. A tropical rainforest is very unique.

What are decomposers? Decomposers are bacteria that when animals die that is there food so the animal will disappear. Decomposers are very important to the tropical rainforest. The decomposers of the tropical rainforest keep the tropical rainforest clean so there won’t be dead animals lying everywhere. Here are some decomposers of the tropical rainforest Termites, Leaf Beetles, Worms, Fungi,Oyster mushrooms, and ant’s. The tropical rainforest depends on decomposers. Without decomposers the tropical rainforest would not be clean.

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  1. Alex
    I really like your Tropical Rain forest book I really learned so much like t it gets most rain and it is humid I also really liked your food web!

  2. I liked how your human impact paragraph tells how humans are affecting the tropical rain forest ecosystem and how it tells how we can help.

  3. I liked how you explaied everything. I also liked your post! you did a great job and I think the people that don’t know what are producers consumers can easly know what you are talking about. Nice post!

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