Rube Goldberg Overview-Part 7

Afterall of the effort we put into Rube Goldberg I thought it was a really fun project. Even though I was sick for two weeks during this I still tried to put the most effort I could into it. I looked at my project after the success and I knew it wasn’t the best but […]

Rube Goldberg-Part 6

Recently on blog posts one, two, three, four and five I have talked about my sketch and my steps and my problems. On part 5 I have left of on just beginning videotaping so now it is the final moment will this work! Me and William have set up everything and my mom is going […]

Rube Goldberg-Part 5

So far in blog posts one two three and four I have talked about my problems and my steps. In blog post four I have left off at the part where I decided that my car was going to hit a plane. Let’s see how I finish this off. Right now Me and William are […]