Coding Project-Part 4

Hello everybody! For my final coding project I had lots and lots of trouble deciding to do it on tynker or on scratch. After a day of deciding I decided to do it on scratch. Why did I decide to do it on scratch? I decided to do it on scratch because this was my […]

Coding project-Part 3

Hello everyone! For this Game I decided to do it on tynker because last time I really enjoyed tynker. Why did I enjoy tynker? I thought that it was really more for kids because the blocks were so much more easier to understand. So I looked at what games you could create and then chose […]

Coding Project-Part 2

I decided to do this second coding project on tynker because I forgot my password on scratch and I could not get in so I went on tynker. On tynker they asked you what type of game did you want to make and I did the arcade shooting one. As you know I don’t really […]

Zoo Debate Reflection

Hello everyone! It has been a week since I presented my zoo debate.My group was Me, Matthew, Karine and Noah  Why did my group pick the zoo debate? The zoo debate was not our first pick. Our first pick was going to be shark’s away from humans or humans away from sharks. But one person […]

Ignite:Me Project

Hello everyone! I just presented my ignite in front of the class! Here is my ignite!   That was my ignite. I was super nervous before I went up to do my ignite but I knew that in a ignite you would go up and pretty quickly be done. I was super nervous because I […]

Coding Project-Part 1

Hello everybody! We just started this coding project where we will make four games and four blog posts. I am really excited about this because I love to code! I am not really good at coding but I still think it is very fun. I decided that four this coding project I am going to […]