Coding Project-Part 1

Hello everybody!

We just started this coding project where we will make four games and four blog posts. I am really excited about this because I love to code! I am not really good at coding but I still think it is very fun. I decided that four this coding project I am going to do three scratch projects and one tynker project. I have done one scratch project so far. The scratch project I did was a paddle game. I did this because on scratch they have these great tutorials and they had a tutorial for this coding game so I did it. I like scratch better because I think they have better tutorials then tynker. I also fell that scratch  is more fun then tynker.  When I finished my paddle game I played it two see if there was any mistakes and there were quite a few so I coded more and then I tried again and it was amazing! I was so proud of myself. I uploaded it and then I was done. It was time to think about what was my next coding project going to be about.

2 thoughts on “Coding Project-Part 1

  1. I like how you explained what scratch was, and what the project was, so someone who didn’t know it would understand.
    I like how you added a score, and I think it’s funny how whenever the ball hits the paddle, a woman starts singing opera.

  2. I think your game is great but also wacky. What are those sounds? I like how you described your opinion on scratch and why you liked it better than Tynker. I also liked how you added that you said you changed it until it was perfect. It adds a little bit of reality into it. Overall I think your blog post was really good!

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