Coding Project-Part 2

I decided to do this second coding project on tynker because I forgot my password on scratch and I could not get in so I went on tynker. On tynker they asked you what type of game did you want to make and I did the arcade shooting one. As you know I don’t really like tynker but while I was doing this coding project I really liked it because it was much easier. On tynker when you did it they had a little bit set up for you but then you would do the rest. I thought that was the most helpful thing ever! I was so glad I decided to do this on tynker because now I have a better understanding of tynker! So now I was even thinking to do my next project on tynker!

2 thoughts on “Coding Project-Part 2

  1. I like how you explained everything step by step.
    I like your game a lot, but at first I was confused on how to move the ship and how to shoot. Maybe you could explain it? Also, when I finally learned how to shoot and I shot the ship, it disappeared and then there was no more obstacles.

  2. I liked how you put personality into your blog post. The game sort of glitches but I really like your post. Good job!

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