Ignite:Me Project

Hello everyone!

I just presented my ignite in front of the class!

Here is my ignite!


That was my ignite. I was super nervous before I went up to do my ignite but I knew that in a ignite you would go up and pretty quickly be done. I was super nervous because I was scared I would forget what to say and mumble a lot. As you can see in the video I mumbled a little and when the slide changed I would automatically stop talking about the subject and switch to the next subject. As I said in the video it took me days to decide what to do my topic I did so I just did it on all my favorite things. When I was watching other kids present there ignites the teacher would say it was better to have photos of yourself not photos off the internet. So that night I went home and uploaded some photos and then put them on my ignite presentation.Then it was time to do my ignite. I hope you liked my ignite!








One thought on “Ignite:Me Project

  1. I thought that this was very good! You went into a lot of detail and gave me a great understanding of your ignite. Amazing job!

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