Zoo Debate Reflection

Hello everyone!

It has been a week since I presented my zoo debate.My group was Me, Matthew, Karine and Noah  Why did my group pick the zoo debate? The zoo debate was not our first pick. Our first pick was going to be shark’s away from humans or humans away from sharks. But one person in our group wanted the zoo debate so we made that our second pick. But another group got to pick before us and took the one we wanted so that is how we ended up doing  the zoo debate. But it was really fun doing the zoo debate! In my group Noah and Matthew were out a lot but I was out for almost the whole time so my group basically went two weeks after all the other groups. I was super nervous went it was my groups turn to present. But after it was done I thought why was I nervous in the first place? I thought that this was a really fun project and I thought I put my best effort into it! I wish I could do it all over again! I hope you enjoyed my debate! Here is the feedback my group got.


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