Coding project-Part 3

Hello everyone!

For this Game I decided to do it on tynker because last time I really enjoyed tynker. Why did I enjoy tynker? I thought that it was really more for kids because the blocks were so much more easier to understand. So I looked at what games you could create and then chose a dance animation one. The boy on the dance animation was already programed so the only thing I needed to program was the girl. I thought this was easier then scratch because you didn’t have to use as many blocks as you would in scratch and the blocks made more sense then the ones in scratch. After I was done programing the girls dance it was time to find music for her dance. I had to pick very carefully because I needed it two match the boys music. After a long time of looking for music I finally found good music. When I was done with everything I looked at it and thought that this coding project was super silly!

2 thoughts on “Coding project-Part 3

  1. I like how you explained everything.
    I think your project is cool, I like how the characters jump and laugh.

  2. I did the same game!
    I kind of like the music even though it is two mixed together. I also like how in your first project you said you wanted to only do one Tynker project but you ended up with two.

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