Choosing a Main Inquiry Question and Sub questions

After choosing my topic Firefighting I knew there would be more to just choosing a topic. In capstone you have to have your topic a main inquiry question about your topic and then sub questions for you main inquiry question. I knew this would be harder than just choosing a topic. Right when I found out I was doing firefighting I thought my main inquiry question should be how much money would go into running a firehouse. But that was too basic. So then me and my teacher sat together and we came up with forest firefighters vs structural (normal) firefighters but over the weekend I looked for information and I could find nothing on this. So on Monday I met up with Mrs.Edwards and we talked about it.We eventually came up with a main inquiry question. I thought it was perfect. My main inquiry question was What is a typical day in the life of a firefighter and how does he/she prepare for the various emergency situations firefighters handle? So after this we had to come up with sub questions. I knew this part was going to be easier and it was. I did some research and came up with seven sub questions. My seven sub questions are

  1. What does a firefighter do to prepare his body for an emergency?
  2. What does a firefighter to to prepare his mind/emotions (for example, keeping stress levels low) for an emergency and why is this important?
  3. What kind of professional training/certification does a firefighter need?
  4. How do firefighters maintain their equipment to be prepared for an emergency?
  5. What are some routines a firefighter does in the station house?
  6. What are some things firefighters do/practice as a team and why is that important?
  7. What are some important jobs in the fire department?

I will post another blog post as soon as possible!

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