Ellis Island Field trip

Hello everyone!

Today the 5th graders of heathcote school went to ellis island! I thought this was a very fun expierence. We got to ellis island by a bus and ferry. The ferry ride made me a little nocious. When we arrived we looked around and waited for our tour guide to come. When our tour guide came we went up to the third floor. And acted like we were immigrants. Some people got tested they were actual immigrants. This gave me a good laugh. After this we went to the theater and watched a film about immigrants. This film made me learn more about immigrants. We had lunch outside after this. I thought the view was amazing. You could see manhattan and the statue of liberty very well from where we were sitting. After lunch we got to see the name of immigrants who came to ellis island. Itried to look for if anyone from my family had come to ellis island but none did. But me friend saw someone from his family was here! After this we got to loom around ellis island a bit more then it was time to bard the ferry back. The ferry line took a long time but eventully everyone got on. I took a moment to think how this was a very fun field trip and I wish I could do it again!

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