Capstone (4) Site visit

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For Capstone you need a interview and site visit! I already have talked about my interview. To learn more about my interview you could check my third capstone blog post. Today I will be talking about my site visit. I met with Mrs.Edwards to talk about my interview and site visit. I was going to do my site visit and interview at the hartsdale fire station on the same day.

I went to the hartsdale fire station did my interview and then It was time to have a tour of the place. The person I interviewed (Chief Ed Rush) was giving me the tour of the Hartsdale fire station. First he showed me the 911 emergency telephone room. A firefighter was acting like he was answering a call for me so I got a picture of that. Next Ed Rush took me to see the fire trucks. He showed me the fire car then the regular fire truck then the fire truck with a 75 ft ladder! That was so cool so I took many photos of all the fire trucks. Most of the fire truck pictures were of the one with the 75 ft ladder. After that I took a video of a firefighter getting into his gear. Then Ed Rush was very kind and let me see firefighters opening a locked door. It looked like a lot of hard work.

After this I thought about the learning from all of this. I learned that working together is very important from seeing the two firefighters opening the locked door made me realize you really couldn’t do anything without working as a team. I also learned that the fire trucks are a key factor to putting out fires and that a lot of money goes into a fire truck from the looks of it. Overall I learned a lot from my site visit and thought it was very helpful!


Here is a picture:


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