Preparing for my Capstone Presentation #6

Hello everyone!

I hoped you have enjoyed my last blog post about my main inquiry question! If you have read that blog post you will no more about my presentation then. But lets get right in to what this is about. For Capstone you make a TED Talk or a Ignite for your final presentation. Your parents will come see your final presentation so this is very important. Ok lets go into my presentation now. I chose to do a TED Talk because I do not like my slides to be timed. After this I made my script and right when I thought I was done with my script I realized I had a lot of editing to do. After I finished my script I made my presentation witch was easier because I just added photos. But now I had to memorize my script.Oh no this was hard. But one day I was with a classmate and they had a strategy  that made the memorizing much more easier. The way was to say one slide at a time then after you say it aloud you say it without looking  and come up with information as you go. This made me finish memorizing my script in two days! But before I was done memorizing my script I had presented my first few slides in front of my class! This was very difficult and I was the first person to present and that made me very nervous.I was proud of myself for doing it when I was done. At the end of they day I heard you had to present your whole slide show in front of the class tommorow. So I went home and I practiced a lot. So the next day I was ready to go. I did my whole slideshow and felt very proud of myself! I keep practicing as much I can because it makes me feel less nervous when I have practiced!

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