Capstone Presentation #7

3,2,1 Begin!

Hello everyone! As you know from my last blog post I had been practicing for my final presentation. And guess what. Today was my final presentation June 19 2018. Ok so lets start from the beginning. Yesterday my teacher told us what room we will be presenting our presentation in. I got into my classroom.I was happy about this because I was also going to present in front of my classmates not just parents and my classmates have already seen my presentation witch made me feel calmer. Ok now lets get to the day of the final presentation. When I arrived at school we had our moving up ceremony then after that we headed to the room we were presenting in. Mrs.Edwards had the order of the people presenting. And of course I was first. I don’t know why but I prefer to be in the middle. So many parents and grandparents and siblings kept coming into the classroom. I was getting so nervous. My parents and grandparents were there but I knew it was going to be ok. After everyone settled down I was called up. Before I began everyone applauded ┬ábecause it was the start of the capstone presentations. Mrs.Edwards began the video and I started. In the beginning I looked out the window for a little bit and it helped. I got this from a classmate saying it made them less nervous. It was a great strategy. But after my first slide I stopped doing that because I began to feel less nervous. When I got to my third slide Mrs.Edwards wrote louder on a piece of paper so I got louder. I started to feel nervous again at this time. So I used the strategy look out the window. It kept going on like this until I reached the end of my presentation. When I finished everyone was very happy. But when I sat back down and began to listen to other classmates presentations. I realized it was better to go first because I wouldn’t be nervous for that long. I was so happy I had done my final presentation. But that meant capstone was ending. It was kind of a relief that capstone was over because I wouldn’t be stressed about capstone work anymore. But I still had a great time doing capstone. Capstone was a great school project. And in the end thanks for listening to all I had to say in my blog post. No time to say for more information because this is all my information! I will always think of how fun this project was. It was a great experience to prepare for middle school.

Here is the video:

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