Making Switches

In technology we have been working on switches. You may ask what is a switch? A switch is to turn on and off a electric circuit.  In technology we each have not make three switches. And I thought what could make my switches interesting. Ok so first things first. For materials we get one big piece of cardboard and one big piece of tinfoil and the materials in the room. For my first switch I cut out some cardboard I cut tinfoil and wrapped it on the cardboard but only about 1/3 of it. Then I got rubber bands and a straw. I put the rubber bands on the cardboard and the straw. And some tinfoil on the straw I had finished my first switch. For my second switch I cut a circle of cardboard and put a straw in the middle and then added tinfoil. My third switch I made it like a lollipop  switch. I got a stick put a cotton ball at the end and then attached it to cardboard and then it would touch the tinfoil. After I made my switches I realized how fun they are to make.

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