Working on Flashlights

In technology we have just started the best project ever! It is so fun! The project is to make a waterproof flashlight. And so far it has been going great. Before we get to the fun part we have to make a diagram. My diagram didn’t take me to long to make. My diagram showed how many inches my flashlight is and what materials I need to use.  And my scale was half of a inch on my diagram. After my diagram it was time to start making my flashlight! I was so excited. I got a plastic pipe and I was going to cut seven and a half inches off it. This was very difficult to do I got a partner that helped me hold it down so the tube would stop wiggling. Even after tightening it it was still difficult. After a few minutes I finished sawing the tube. I was surprised it didn’t take me longer though. After this it came time for the drill press. I had to do some waiting here. The next day it was my turn to use the drill press. I was so excited!  I was going to do my caps first. The caps I chose were the circular ones. I drilled press those. I don’t know why but it looked satisfying to me drill pressing the caps. Next was to drill press a whole in the middle of my tube ( the tube is still in the process of becoming a flashlight). I tightened it but it came off. It wasn’t that big of a deal but it wasn’t ok. I tried again and it worked! Now I had to get my circuit materials . I got them and stripped my wires so I had to wait to solder. It was a long wait so I will finish my flashlight another day. Check out my other blog posts to learn more about the flashlight making process for me!

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