Tech is Ending

I am so sad to say this but unfortunately tomorrow is the last day of technology. I wish this would last longer. I could remember the first day of tech. Next year I will have tech again but it will be in a diffrent room with a diffrent teacher. Overall this year in tech I […]

My Automata Finished and the tools I used

I have just finished my automata today and I want to think about the tools I needed to make my automata. I ended up making a skier but it was a snowman skier and it spun around. Here are the tools I used Hot glue gun, a exacto knife (don’t know how to spell it) […]

Creating my Automata

When we started our automata we got a box of cardboard. But it couldn’t open so every one put it on there head to made it stay open but that wouldn’t work. So first we cut off the flaps. After we cut off the flaps we had four pieces of cardboard that on every piece […]

What Should my Automata be?

In my last blog post I talked about what a automata is and in today I am glowing to be talking about starting my automata. Ok before I started my automata in class we had to brainstorm. I had a idea of a skier with a decorated wood. That was not going to happen first […]


Do you know what a Automata is? A automata is a self operating machine. It follows a sequence of operations. And a automata is what we are going to be making in tech these last two weeks. Today I just want to talk about the automata and my thoughts about it not making my own […]