Colonial America Book

We were doing a colonial book but it was a long process. The process was first I gathered information for my topic entertainment. Second I wrote my chapters on a notepad. Third I typed all my information on docs. Fourth I copied all my words into my book. Fifth I looked for images. Sixth I put captions for the images. Seventh I made my bibliography. Eighth I made my glossary. It was a long process but it was worth it.

What was challenging for me was the research because you have to know what  books find that you think is going to help you.

What I liked about this project was typing the writing into docs because all you have to do is copy the words from your notepad to docs. Another thing I liked was writing in the notepad because you come up with ideas to write your book. I liked this project because it involves reading, writing and social.

What I learned as a researcher, reader and writer was that you have to get a lot of information then put it into a book then you must be a reader and read it over.

If I did this project again I would find more information because it is good to have a lot of information to finish the book.



2 thoughts on “Colonial America Book

  1. I Loved that book!! I Loved the chapter 2 the most. It was great how you described all the games I loved It!!!

  2. I really liked your blog post and your book. What I liked about your book was you listed the toys and games that people played. I liked your blog post because you listed the process of the book. Great job.

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