Isaac Newton Biography

Isaac Newton was born in England in the year 1643. He was born in the town of Woolsthorpe by Colsterworth. In that same town he would do his most famous scientific discovery. At the age of 17 Newton’s mother took him out of school so he could learn about the farm so he could be a farmer. But luckily the headmaster of the convinced his mother to bring him back to the school. After his last year of school he went to the university of Cambridge for four years. He would learn more and more as his four years went by. After his four years he went back to do some more scientific discovery.

Newton was a mathematician, a scientist, a pisyistestronom and a natural folciper. Newton was also good with numbers and his work in optics. In 1687 Newton published his laws of gravitation in a book called the Philosophiae Naturalis Principia Mathematica. Newton made a reflecting telescope, clocks, sundials and windmills. Newton wanted to invent new ideas in math and science. Newton learned about machines and that is how he made all his machines.

Isaac Newton was a man who discovered gravity and made the 3 laws of motion. What happened if the apple didn’t fall? Would Isaac find out about gravity? Isaac became the head of the royal society of an English group of scientist. I think he deserves to be the head he made so many discoveries and was good at more than one subject. Isaac newton died in the year 1727.





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