Horrible Soccer Game

On Sunday, November 4th, 2018 we had a soccer game. we started really well by scoring the first goal. but then they had the ball a lot of the time in our half of the field. when we got the ball we had trouble getting it up the field. There 5 minutes left in the first half and there is a free kick and the shot was very good and goes in. It was all tied up and they blow the whistle for the first half.

Now it is the second half and we start with the ball and the same happened we couldn’t get the ball up the field. then they score again it is 2-1. we had a huge problem with our offense getting the ball up the field. They score again now it is 3-1. We just fouled someone in the box and it is a penalty. And the shot he misses it the best chance he had and he missed it. Now the goalie has it and punts the whistle is blown for no reason. It is an indirect kick which is when someone has to touch the ball to shoot for goal. The other team touched it and our goalie got confused and went the other way and then tried to turn the other way but it was too late he scored and now it is 4-1. the ref blows the whistle and the game is over we lost and the second half was horrible.

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