Constitution Project Plans

My class is doing a project about the time period where the Constitution was written.  My subject is the Liberty Bell.  I chose that subject because I wanted to learn more about the Liberty Bell and its importance in US history. I will present my information by doing a podcast. A podcast is a voiceover with no video. You just talk and you could add music.

For the podcast, I plan to talk about (1) the history of the bell; (2) the crack;  and (3) what the bell symbolizes.  I am not really sure how I should organize the podcast and how I should develop the script. I am still doing research so I can learn more about the Liberty Bell. I think this project will turn out to be well.

2 thoughts on “Constitution Project Plans

  1. I like how you described why you chose the Liberty Bell. To me, it sounds like you truly want to research the Liberty Bell.

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