Capstone 5

Answering my main question took a lot of time. There were several steps involved. For example, I watched several videos about the company and its founder, read articles, and conducted an interview and site visit. Sometimes, it was challenging to stay focused on my main question as there was a lot of information about Under Armour and its products.

My main question is how did Under Armour become so successful? To answer this question I had to find how Under Armour’s product became so popular in such a short period.  For example, did Under Armour develop a new product that athletes like? Did the products developed become successful? Did Under Armour make deals with athletes and/or sports organizations to promote the brand? Based on my research, I found the following interesting facts.

I learned that Under Armour was founded in 1996. Its founder was a former college football player (Kevin Plank) who designed a shirt made of synthetic fabric that would wick away moisture and keep you dry while playing sports. Kevin Plank made that shirt in his grandmother’s basement. He sold his first shirts to the Georgia Tech football team.

I also learned that Under Armour is the 2nd biggest apparel company in the world behind Nike.

I found that Under Armour made some deals with athletes, some of which were successful while others were not. For example, Under Armour made a deal with baseball player Buster Posey.  The deal was not good for Under Armour as sales did not increase.

Under Armour sponsors many college and professional teams. For example, Under Armour endorses the University of Maryland, Georgia Tech and much more. In the NFL, Under Armour endorses 12 teams. Under Armour is also the official supplier for the MLB and the NHL.

Under Armour uses technology to develop products that will help athletes perform better. For example, the RUSH helps you stay cool while playing sports. It takes the pressure off your body so you can play better. Due to these features, its technology allows you to play better. You will be comfortable when you are wearing the RUSH apparel line. HEATGEAR and COLDGEAR is the technology used for heat and cold weather, respectively.

My first sub-question is why does Under Armour make deals with athletes? Under Armour makes deals with athletes because the deals can help increase brand recognition which is expected to lead to brand awareness and may enhance sales. When you see well-known athletes wearing Under Armour products, it attracts other people to buy Under Armour products. One of the biggest endorsements is Stephen Curry. When I see his name, I think “wow” he is a great player for the Golden State Warriors. I don’t follow basketball and I know who he is because he is well known.

My second sub-question is why do people buy their products over other products? People buy Under Armour products because it enhances performance. Under Armour always tries to make clothes that help athletes perform better. Their products are comfortable. With all that Under Armour does with their technology athletes can be more comfortable and that’s a reason why people buy their product. Under Armour, products tend to be slightly cheaper than Nike and Adidas.

My third sub-question is why do some athletes make deals with Under Armour over other companies? Some athletes might want to wear Under Armour clothes because of the performance and the technology in the clothes. The technology is the one that will make the clothes better than normal clothes. Under Armour will make you comfortable while other companies will just make the clothes and move on. Under Armour sponsors Tom Brady. He made a deal with Under Armour because he is aware of the quality of the brand and could use its technology to enhance his performance.  Also, Brady wanted to wear Under Armour products because his young fans wear Under Armour.

My final sub-question is how does Under Armour deal with competing with other companies? Under Armour deals with competing by doing something to sell products. Like making a deal with an athlete or making a new product that you think that will be successful. That’s how Under Armour became so successful. Also Under Armour is about performance and not fashion. That’s what most companies are doing now.

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