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Solder People – #8

Hi guys!

For the last couple of days we have been working on little people made out of wire. We made a mini wire-figure using pliers to bend the joints. Once we did this, we took hands and we soldered them on. Soldering is when you melt a certain type of metal, called solder. When you melt the solder, it is like glue for metal. The soldering machine gets up to 850 degrees hot, so you have to be careful around it. When you solder the hands on, you can make your solder person do whatever you want. I made my solder person running. Since one of the legs were of the ground I had to make a base for it to be able to stand. Over all I had an amazing time making the solder people.

Self Driving Cars – #7

I feel that the new invention that many car companies are trying to invent, the self-driving car is very important. I think so because many people have a struggle of driving because they cannot see well. Self-driving cars are important because they help people drive, and you don’t need to be an expert at driving, but you should know how to drive in case you need to take over. Even though all the car companies are working on the self-driving car, the hardware will pretty much be the same, the thing that will change is the software. The way you use a self driving car is you say  or you put in where you want to go and it will drive you there. To stop at the red light or brake when there is a car in front of you or if there is a pedestrian in front of you, they have sensors and switches. Self driving cars can be the ne future for driving.

Making Circuits – #6

In order to make a circuit, you have to have a complete circle, meaning all the wires have to connect to make a full circuit. We started off with a lightbulb, batteries and a switch, along with stripped wires that we stripped a few days before. The goal was to connect everything together to make a full circuit. We had to connect the wires to the lightbulb then connect those wires to the switch. Then we took different wires and connected those to the switch to make a full circle. We had thirty minutes to do so and you had to make sure your battery was not dead and your light bulb was working.

Here is a photo of what we did –

Multimeters – #5

Hi everyone,

For the past few days, we have been using multimeters. Multimeters measure voltage. If you have never seen a multimeter, it is the sie of a big calculator and has dials on it. The red wire is positive and the black wire is negative. When you plug both wires into the multimeter you take the red one and place it on top of the positive side of the battery and you take the black one and place it on top of the positive side. Before this, you look at the battery or lightbulb or anything else and check the voltage of it. For example, if the voltage is 9 then you move the dial to 20 because the number is under twenty or you move it to ten because it is under ten. You need to move the dial to the closest number over 9. Once you do this the multimeter says a number which is your voltage. Even though the battery says 9v that is before you used it, but after you used it you have less voltage on the battery and with a multimeter, you can check that.

here is a photo of a multimeter.

Circuits – #4

Hi Guys,

For the past few days, we have been discussing circuits. Today I am going to tell you a little bit about circuits and batteries. To start off, I am going to tell you about batteries. Like I said in my last post, negatives and positives like each other. So the power comes from the negatives trying to get to the positives, but when all the electrons are there, there is no more power and the battery erodes. This is just a little bit about batteries. Circuits. When you light up a light bulb, there has to be a complete circle for the bulb to light up. Also if you connect the negative side directly with the positive side, the battery gets hot and eventually pops. When the battery gets really hot you can burn yourself. If the voltage of your battery is 9 volts and it has to charge two lightbulbs, the voltage of both the lightbulbs are each 4.5 volts because it splits it evenly.

Atoms – #3

Hi guys,
Today I am going to tell you about atoms. There is a lot scientists do not know about atoms but many scientists are studying them. But today I am here to tell you what I know about atoms.  Atoms are made up of three things. They are protons, neutrons, and electrons. The protons and neutrons make up the nucleus. The nucleus is impossible to break apart without a nuclear force, like a nuclear bomb.  The protons have a positive charge, a way you can remember this is ‘pro’ from protons means positive. The neutrons have a ‘neutral’ charge, which means it has 0 charge, a way to remember this is from the name, ‘nuet’rons.  The electrons have a negative charge. Negatives and negatives do not like each other, and positives and positives don’t like each other either, so when you connect two things that have positive charges they will be pulled apart. But negatives and positives like each other, which is like magnets, they stick together. But when you rub a rod, you can remove the electrons and then you can make the rod a positive charge. But you cannot remove all of them.

I hope you enjoyed! This is just a little bit about atoms.


Breakout EDU – #2

Hey guys,

A few days ago in my Technology quarterly class, we did an activity called Breakout EDU. This challenge is where you try and find clues to open up a box. The box has letter and symbol code locks and you are supposed to find clues to open the box up. The challenge was to open up the safety goggle box to be safe in the room. There were many challenges which include, including everyone, finding the clues, and of course, to beat the other team. Mr. Calvert gave this challenge to us because we had to persevere and work as a team. Towards the end, the other team finished the challenge while we were trying to unlock the second lock. The reason we unlocked the lock was that one person said to listen to someone who wasn’t being heard, and it turns out, we unlocked the lock. Overall, we had an amazing experience and we learned things about teamwork too.

6th Grade Tech Rules – #1

Hi Everyone!

I am now in 6th grade and in the second quarter. My quarterly is Tech. In Technology, we have rules to follow to keep us safe. Some of the rules are:

  1. slow down, think before you act. – this is important because the tools can be dangerous and you need to know what you will be doing in order to be safe.
  2. Dress responsibly – tie back long hair, no baggy clothes and dangling jewelry. – this is important because you might get your clothes caught, your hair caught and your jewelry caught.
  3. No talking while using the tools- when using tools you need to concentrate so if you talk you can get distracted.
  4. Protect your eyes- where safety glasses. – It is important to use safety glasses because you only have one set of eyes.
  5. Before using machinery – get instruction, get permission and inspect machine – this is important to be safe and make sure there is nothing wrong with the machine.
  6. Never leave a tool unattended – this is important because it is not safe to leave a tool.
  7. soldering irons are hot – be cautious they can heat over 842 degrees fahrenheit. – you don’t want burns!
  8. Be careful with sharp tools – you don’t want to cut yourself!
  9. Always walk – don’t run because you don’t want to trip or trip someone else.
  10. Report all burns, cuts, scratches, and blisters – no matter how small. – this is important because something small can become something big.

How Has 9-11 Changed Security in America?

Hi Guys!

Recently I have been studying how 9-11 changed security in America and am excited to share what I have learned with you. I hope you enjoy learning about my topic. If you do not know what happened on 9-11-2001 you can read my previous blog post about that.

Here is some information about my topic:


9-11 has changed America in many different ways. It has changed the way we think of security to changing security in airports. One of the biggest changes was the TSA. The TSA (Transportation Security Administration) is an agency created for increasing security in transportation hubs. Over the years, the TSA budget increased because the agency is expanding.

Here is a video about airport security: Airport Security  

Here are 9 ways airport security has changed after 9-11:

  • Before 9-11, you didn’t need an identification card with the name matching your name on your passport.
  • Because of 9-11, we have to take off our shoes going through the metal detectors
  • Before 9-11, your check-in baggage did not have to be screened
  • Today, no liquids more than 3.4 ounces are allowed
  • Before 9-11, you did not need to remove special items (toiletries, laptops, etc) out of your baggage
  • Because of 9-11, most travelers must remove jackets going through screening
  • Because of 9-11, enhanced pat-downs are sometimes administered
  • Before 9-11, committees were allowed to go through airport gate areas
  • Today, cockpit doors have been reinforced and stay locked during flights


Security Measure

Before 9-11

After 9-11

Checked Baggage Screening

5% 100%

Types of Threat Images



Federal Flight Deck Officers



Federal Air Marshals 33




9-11 did not only affect airport security, it also affected the military. Over the years, the Department of Homeland Security budget increased dramatically because of security upgrades all over the country.

This is a chart of the Department of Homeland Security over the years.





Another big change was the amount of money we spent on Defense. In 2001 we spent $316 billion dollars and in 2011 we spent $708 billion dollars. This attack did not just surprise people in America, it surprised people all over the world. Also, after 9-11 the amount of active duty in the Military was .03 million people. This is because the U.S military sent people to attack different Muslim populated countries. Also, 9-11 inspired many young Americans to enlist in the military. Some say they want to serve a country that’s been in a war against terrorism since their early childhood; others say they want to find control in the world.


9-11 as also changed building security. The International Code Council released post-9/11 building code suggestions to make skyscrapers safer and able to withstand similar incidents – atlas long enough for the people in the buildings to evacuate. Some of the changes include more stairways for buildings taller than about 42 stories, elevators that can be used during emergencies, and higher impact and fire – resistant walls for elevator shafts and stairways.

This is a picture that shows the different improvements:


Research has found a way to keep columns and beams strong even when they are stressed and bent. This property is called ductility. The higher ductility, the smaller the chance of progressive collapse is. This is a common concern when buildings are in earthquake-prone areas.


9-11 didn’t just change security, it changed the way we think about security too. 9-11 was a shocking event in our lives. After 9-11, people starting working together and communicating with each other to fight through the hard time. People started joining the military and the TSA to help increase security.

I hope you enjoyed my blog post!


My Research Project

Hi guys,

Lately I have been researching 9-11. I can’t wait to share what I have learned so far with you! I am focusing on how 9-11 changed American security. So far I have been having fun researching. It is amazing how dramatic the security increased after 9-11. 

I hope you enjoy learning about 9-11. 

Here is a little about 9-11:

9-11 is a series of events that occurred on September 11th  2001.  9-11 was when four airplanes crashed into different landmarks in America. These planes did not crash by fault, they were hijacked by people that participated in the terrorist group called Al Qaeda. One of the planes (flight 11) crashed into the North Tower of the World Trade Center at 8:46 AM. The second plane (flight 175) crashed into the South Tower of the World Trade Center at 9:03 AM. The third plane (flight 77) crashed into the western side of the Pentagon at 9:37 AM. Lastly, the fourth plane (flight 93) attempted to crash into the White House but the crew and passengers on board managed to turn the plane around and crashed into a field.

This is just a little bit about what happened on 9-11. I will be sure to keep you posted about my research.

These are the twin towers

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