Route 16 First Look on PBB!

That is the owner of Pokemon Brick Bronze riding on Route 16.

As you see there is a stone area, grass area, and snow area. The snow area is leaving Frostveil city into someplace else, Port Decca! There was also another area that I will show in another post. I think there will be NO wild Pokemon.  There is no grass! So if they do add wild Pokemon, where do you think they will be?  If there is wild Pokemon, I think they will add Goomy, and Trumbeak.  Maybe Rockruff for more Alolan Pokemon. What do you think will be added?

Pokemon Steaming Red!

Pokemon Steaming Red is a game on Roblox created by NightPlayerYT (Pcestari25.) The game is a Roblox Pokemon game. The beta will show the builds of the first town.

(—- Logo

The main legendary Pokemon is Volcanion. Volcanion will be caught in mount ignoto. The moveset will be: Will-o-wisp, Steam eruption, Overheat, and Waterfall. The game’s main developers are:

FancyGreninjaMaster, and Chipmunkcat42.

Some special helpers that need a shoutout are:

iiVaryox, MBgamer227, and FestivePicachuraichu. Be sure to play the game! The other special shoutouts go to AbGamingPlaz (me), and Eclipseite.

the octopus

If an Octopus sees a threat, it will immedieatly spit ink everywhere to get away. A coconut Octopus will hide in it’s shell. It’s body is the size of your thumb. Octopus have 8 arms. Octopus have skills to solve problems.

Mollusk: an animal in a soft body.

Neuron: a cell that carries information between the body.


Roblox is a website where you can play games, make friends, and get virtual money. There are many games you can play. From top earning, to popular. Example: Jailbreak. Jailbreak is the most popular Roblox game of all time.  Jailbreak is a Roblox game where you can live life as a cop or prisoner. When you escape  jail you become                                                               criminal instead of a prisoner. (—- Roblox Symbol


Top Ten least favorite Pokemon

10- Magneton

its ugly

9- mustard lucario


8- M Lycanroc

what can I say it’s kinda strange

7- Charizard Y

Image result for charizard yshivers

6- prinplup

Image result for prinplupso spooky
5- pokemon stadium crobat
cover your eyes
it is the ugliest thing in pokemon stadium. Gets flashbacks of golbats gen one sprite
4- alomonolamola
I get swept by them on  Showdown
3- Zygarde 100%

I think they ruined Zygarde…………………………..

2- Unobtainable shinies

if i had this thing id feel rich

1–dedenne  I feel Naurbach critisising this post now


A couple of days ago at school our computer teacher (Mr Mkenna) did Breakout EDU with us! we went in the science room across the hall.  We had to find clues to break in the box. There were hershey kisses in the box and we each got one. We got timed 45 minutes because it was the end of the day.

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