Hello World

Welcome Chipmunks

Hi, I’m Ari welcome to my blog. I LOVE pokemon, tennis, and roblox. Once I played roblox for five hours straight!  I have two siblings, a brother and a sister. And of course, a mom and a dad.I play drums and trombone but shh (I never practice).

Once I was playing  Pokemon Alpha Sapphire and I found a random shiny hariyama. It came out of nowhere! It was my first ever shiny.

Also, I’ve played tennis for 4 years and Ii’m really good at it.  My coach even says, “Ari, you are amazing at tennis!”  

Also, I’m AMAZING at drums, and trombone! What I like most about trombone is the sliding And the thing I like  most about drums, is how loud you can play!

Ari Signing out See you on my  next post! 


3 thoughts on “Hello World”

  1. Ari
    It has been a pleasure having you in class this year. I feel like your blog is really allowing you to get your thoughts and ideas and expertise out there! Keep it up! You have been a kind and thoughtful classmate this year and I know you will love 5th grade! Have a great summer!
    Mrs. Assatly

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