Resturant Review

Today I’m doing a restaurant review on Frankie and Fanuccis’s! I rate it  5 stars. The service there is very good. The food came in about 5 minutes with the drinks.  I rate the food a 9/10.

The menu has a lot of variety. You can choose from salads to pizza . I ordered pepperoni pizza. It tasted so good! I rate the food 4 in a half stars. The servers were nice they didn’t mess up your order or anything bad.

In conclusion the resturant is very good. It’s final rating is probably a 5/5 😛

5 thoughts on “Resturant Review”

  1. I like how you put a hyperlink in your post about Frankie and Fanucci’s . The rest of the post was also great, but you accidentally wrote Frankie and Facucci’s. Maybe you should fix that part. Sometimes I also go to Frankie and Fanucci’s, and it’s one of my favorite restaurants too. Did you know there is more than one?

  2. Hi Ari,
    I really like how in your Restaurant review you said how there so many different foods to pick from and how long it takes for the food to come. I also have been to Frankie & Fanucci’s and I also think they have very good food.
    – EK

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