Pokemon Steaming Red!

Pokemon Steaming Red is a game on Roblox created by NightPlayerYT (Pcestari25.) The game is a Roblox Pokemon game. The beta will show the builds of the first town.

(—- Logo

The main legendary Pokemon is Volcanion. Volcanion will be caught in mount ignoto. The moveset will be: Will-o-wisp, Steam eruption, Overheat, and Waterfall. The game’s main developers are:

FancyGreninjaMaster, and Chipmunkcat42.

Some special helpers that need a shoutout are:

iiVaryox, MBgamer227, and FestivePicachuraichu. Be sure to play the game! The other special shoutouts go to AbGamingPlaz (me), and Eclipseite.

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