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Captain Marvel (Spoilers)

First, I will explain how Captain Marvel got her powers. So the movie takes place in 1995 and Carol Danvers is a kree soldier who lives on the planet Hala. The movie begins with an explosion explaining how she got her powers. But the explaination shows a very small fragment of how she got the powers. This symbolizes how she has no memory of what happened to her. You see, back in 1989, Carol Danvers was an air force pilot. She was best friends with a woman named Maria Reambeau And a mentor figure named Walter Lawson. Lawson and Carol go on a space mission and end up crashing into Hala. Then a kree named Yon Rogg shoots Lawson and memory wipes Carol.

Overall, I liked this movie. It wasn’t the best marvel movie ever made, but it was pretty good. I would most likely rewatch it again.

lizard people

hi im ari but you know that

i am a lizard man

i can expose people disguising as


the people are

mark zukerberg

barack obama

that hotel bartender in the ritz carlton

phil swift

any person who makes shrek or murder asmr

ibonek naw ibo

joe russo


Llamas With Hats

This is Carl. Carl is a murderous llama. He is building a meat dragon. He built his meat dragon out of orphan meat. He also eats hands because he craves them. All hail Carl.

Carl has a friend named Paul. Paul looks like a woman but is a man. Paul is not a murderous llamas so he is weird. Don’t Hail Paul.


Sir Spoodeyman

This is Sir Spoodeyman.

Sir Spoodeyman is my boss.

I am the only human in his buisness.

His employees are all spiderman action figures.

Sir Spoodeyman is bent on World Domination

I wasn’t supposed to tell you that.

I’m gonna go before he finds me.