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A couple of days ago (Read when  post was made) we went kayaking on a school field trip for gym! We went to the scarsdale pool to paddle.  We went on standup paddleboards, freestyle boats, and even more boats! Coach SW taught us how to do a wet exit. A wet exit is when you put your nose to your knees and rock the kayak back and forth until it rolls over. Then you swim to land and then you drain the kayak.  On freestyle boats you can do a wet exit much easier. On a standup paddle you stand and paddle.

<—– Recreational kayak

A recreatioal kayak is a kayak where you can’t do a wet exit.

Watch this video on kayaking!

Zoroark: Master of Illusions, review

Watch the movie, Zoroark, Master Of Illusions! It is a Pokemon movie made in Generation Four. It is about  Zoroark.  I rate the movie 9/10. It is my favorite Pokemon movie! You should defintley watch it, because it’s really good! It also was made in the Generation before it was released. Like Lucario’s movie, which was made in Generation 3  instead of four, when it was released. Lucario, and Zoroark, are rivals, because Pokemon declared it.

(—- Lucario

(—— Zoroark


Frank pepe’s

I was at a resturant called frank pepe’s. Then the smoke detector went off! Then the fire alarm, then the regular alarm! This is a true  story. To the victim I heard people say “hold him down!” He did not get arrested though.  The reason he got in trouble is that he was smoking in the bathroom, which can light the building on fire.

(—-  a smoke detector

The Resturant Link: Frank Pepe’s

10 Best Pokemon in competitive battling

Welcome to my first top 10 list! Today I’ll be showing you the top 10 WORST Pokemon in competitive battling of all time!

10—  Weavile.

Weavile is just overpowered. With it’s high speed, attack, and special defense makes it OP for the BL tier.  BL stands for borderline. There is BL2, BL3, and BL4. Weavile destroys most Pokemon in BL with this moveset: Low kick, Ice shard, icicle crash, knock off.

9– Shaymin-Land

Shaymin land form

Shaymin land is an OK leech seed/toxic Staller. Skymin can easily OHKO it with Air slash but ONLY if it has a modest nature.

8– Skymin

Shaymin-Sky is an AMAZING Air slash user. The opposing pokemon may never get a hit off because of the flinch!


7—- Mega Aggron

Mega Aggron is a curse spammer. We all know it, but it can be countered by special attackers.  But with it’s very high weight and good attack it can use heavy slam, (which does more damage if the Pokemon weighs a lot, and heavy slam is a physical attack)

6—  Mega Charizard Y

Mega Charizard Y Has amazing special attack, physical attack, special defense, and speed. And it’s ability drought allows it to use solar beam first turn. The high speed and the ability drought makes solar beam, which is a grass move, hit water types and fire is obvyously weak to water so this is a good thing for Mega Charizard Y to kill those pesky water types like Manaphy, and Greninja.

5—- Clefable

Clefable spams minimize then cosmic power, then Calm mind.Then it uses stored power and OHKO’S everything. My friend uses Clefable and I can rarely hit the Clefable which isn’t good for me because I end up losing.

4—- Driftlibm


Driftbllim spams minimize, then stockpile, then calm mind, then baton pass to go to the next Pokemon with the evasion.

3— Volcarona

Volcarona has moderate hp, which gives it somewhat a little bulk to physical attackers. It is a special defensive wall. It also has good special attack and speed. So it can easily use quiver dance which raises special defense special attack and speed. Which makes it nearly inpossible to kill with a special move like scald.

2— Skarmory

It has high defense and special defense, also speed. Then when it’s done using spikes, and stealth rock, it can use brave bird then destroy your team. The only flaw is, that it has an OK attack stat.

1— Blissey

Blissey has a 255 hp stat, and a 110 special defense stat. It’s nearly impossible to kill.


Book Review on Harry Potter

Book review on Harry Potter the Sorcerer’s Stone


This is a book about a boy named Harry Potter and he goes to a magic school because his parents were magical but Voldemort kills the parents. Then he lives with his retched aunt, and uncle.

In the middle of the book about page 120 or so, Harry Potter goes to Hogwarts, a magic school. He meets two people on the bus to get there, Ron, and Hermione.

I hope you enjoy this book because It is exciting, and they keep the emotion going for the whole book! So what are you waiting for? Go read Harry Potter!

Blastoise is the best generation 1 starter

Blastoise is the best starter in generation one! People think Venusaur, or Charizard is the best starter but I think Blastoise is the best. First of all, Venusaur is a flower.  Charizard, has two mega evolutions and it didn’t deserve two because Venusaur, and Blastoise, got one mega evolution Venusaur also did. Charizard didn’t deserve two mega evolutions. And Charizard is a flying lizard that we wanted to be dragon type but It’s fire/flying type. Also Charizard is 4x weak to rock. And in generation one metagame rhydon is very common. Rhydon is a ground/rock type with overpowered attack and defense. It is a common weakness to Charizard. Blastoise, Is very good in competitive. It has two weaknesses,  grass, and electric. The only common  weaknesses to Blastoise are mega-Venusaur/Infernape with the ability iron fist, item life orb, and thunder punch.  Electric> water and thunder punch is an electric type move. Thanks for reading my blog post!

(—- Blastoise

(—— Mega-Venusaur


(—- Mega-Charizard X


(—- Mega Blastoise

What’d you choose for gen one?

Venusaur: 2 Charizard: 1 Blastoise: 3

Resturant Review

Today I’m doing a restaurant review on Frankie and Fanuccis’s! I rate it  5 stars. The service there is very good. The food came in about 5 minutes with the drinks.  I rate the food a 9/10.

The menu has a lot of variety. You can choose from salads to pizza . I ordered pepperoni pizza. It tasted so good! I rate the food 4 in a half stars. The servers were nice they didn’t mess up your order or anything bad.

In conclusion the resturant is very good. It’s final rating is probably a 5/5 😛

Hello World

Welcome Chipmunks

Hi, I’m Ari welcome to my blog. I LOVE pokemon, tennis, and roblox. Once I played roblox for five hours straight!  I have two siblings, a brother and a sister. And of course, a mom and a dad.I play drums and trombone but shh (I never practice).

Once I was playing  Pokemon Alpha Sapphire and I found a random shiny hariyama. It came out of nowhere! It was my first ever shiny.

Also, I’ve played tennis for 4 years and Ii’m really good at it.  My coach even says, “Ari, you are amazing at tennis!”  

Also, I’m AMAZING at drums, and trombone! What I like most about trombone is the sliding And the thing I like  most about drums, is how loud you can play!

Ari Signing out See you on my  next post!