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the octopus

If an Octopus sees a threat, it will immedieatly spit ink everywhere to get away. A coconut Octopus will hide in it’s shell. It’s body is the size of your thumb. Octopus have 8 arms. Octopus have skills to solve problems.

Mollusk: an animal in a soft body.

Neuron: a cell that carries information between the body.

Zoroark: Master of Illusions, review

Watch the movie, Zoroark, Master Of Illusions! It is a Pokemon movie made in Generation Four. It is about  Zoroark.  I rate the movie 9/10. It is my favorite Pokemon movie! You should defintley watch it, because it’s really good! It also was made in the Generation before it was released. Like Lucario’s movie, which was made in Generation 3  instead of four, when it was released. Lucario, and Zoroark, are rivals, because Pokemon declared it.

(—- Lucario

(—— Zoroark


Book Review on Harry Potter

Book review on Harry Potter the Sorcerer’s Stone


This is a book about a boy named Harry Potter and he goes to a magic school because his parents were magical but Voldemort kills the parents. Then he lives with his retched aunt, and uncle.

In the middle of the book about page 120 or so, Harry Potter goes to Hogwarts, a magic school. He meets two people on the bus to get there, Ron, and Hermione.

I hope you enjoy this book because It is exciting, and they keep the emotion going for the whole book! So what are you waiting for? Go read Harry Potter!

Resturant Review

Today I’m doing a restaurant review on Frankie and Fanuccis’s! I rate it  5 stars. The service there is very good. The food came in about 5 minutes with the drinks.  I rate the food a 9/10.

The menu has a lot of variety. You can choose from salads to pizza . I ordered pepperoni pizza. It tasted so good! I rate the food 4 in a half stars. The servers were nice they didn’t mess up your order or anything bad.

In conclusion the resturant is very good. It’s final rating is probably a 5/5 😛