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Blastoise is the best generation 1 starter

Blastoise is the best starter in generation one! People think Venusaur, or Charizard is the best starter but I think Blastoise is the best. First of all, Venusaur is a flower.  Charizard, has two mega evolutions and it didn’t deserve two because Venusaur, and Blastoise, got one mega evolution Venusaur also did. Charizard didn’t deserve two mega evolutions. And Charizard is a flying lizard that we wanted to be dragon type but It’s fire/flying type. Also Charizard is 4x weak to rock. And in generation one metagame rhydon is very common. Rhydon is a ground/rock type with overpowered attack and defense. It is a common weakness to Charizard. Blastoise, Is very good in competitive. It has two weaknesses,  grass, and electric. The only common  weaknesses to Blastoise are mega-Venusaur/Infernape with the ability iron fist, item life orb, and thunder punch.  Electric> water and thunder punch is an electric type move. Thanks for reading my blog post!

(—- Blastoise

(—— Mega-Venusaur


(—- Mega-Charizard X


(—- Mega Blastoise

What’d you choose for gen one?

Venusaur: 2 Charizard: 1 Blastoise: 3