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Top Ten least favorite Pokemon

10- Magneton

its ugly

9- mustard lucario


8- M Lycanroc

what can I say it’s kinda strange

7- Charizard Y

Image result for charizard yshivers

6- prinplup

Image result for prinplupso spooky
5- pokemon stadium crobat
cover your eyes
it is the ugliest thing in pokemon stadium. Gets flashbacks of golbats gen one sprite
4- alomonolamola
I get swept by them on  Showdown
3- Zygarde 100%

I think they ruined Zygarde…………………………..

2- Unobtainable shinies

if i had this thing id feel rich

1–dedenne  I feel Naurbach critisising this post now

Zoroark: Master of Illusions, review

Watch the movie, Zoroark, Master Of Illusions! It is a Pokemon movie made in Generation Four. It is about  Zoroark.  I rate the movie 9/10. It is my favorite Pokemon movie! You should defintley watch it, because it’s really good! It also was made in the Generation before it was released. Like Lucario’s movie, which was made in Generation 3  instead of four, when it was released. Lucario, and Zoroark, are rivals, because Pokemon declared it.

(—- Lucario

(—— Zoroark


Blastoise is the best generation 1 starter

Blastoise is the best starter in generation one! People think Venusaur, or Charizard is the best starter but I think Blastoise is the best. First of all, Venusaur is a flower.  Charizard, has two mega evolutions and it didn’t deserve two because Venusaur, and Blastoise, got one mega evolution Venusaur also did. Charizard didn’t deserve two mega evolutions. And Charizard is a flying lizard that we wanted to be dragon type but It’s fire/flying type. Also Charizard is 4x weak to rock. And in generation one metagame rhydon is very common. Rhydon is a ground/rock type with overpowered attack and defense. It is a common weakness to Charizard. Blastoise, Is very good in competitive. It has two weaknesses,  grass, and electric. The only common  weaknesses to Blastoise are mega-Venusaur/Infernape with the ability iron fist, item life orb, and thunder punch.  Electric> water and thunder punch is an electric type move. Thanks for reading my blog post!

(—- Blastoise

(—— Mega-Venusaur


(—- Mega-Charizard X


(—- Mega Blastoise

What’d you choose for gen one?

Venusaur: 2 Charizard: 1 Blastoise: 3