To build something is to make something out of basically nothing or something that has no purpose. I have built something before. It was at my first sleep away camp, I made a small(a really small one) out of wood. It was extremely exciting. The process of building something is very fun. I did it alone which basically allowed me to make the decisions and the mistakes would be on me. I brought it home but I wasn’t really going to use it so it was just wasting space. My sister painted it and we gave it to my baby cousin for her birthday. I never actually took a picture of it but I still remember each day I spent trying to make it. I would love to build more things but I don’t have the tools, the skill, or the supplies to build anything.

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  1. jgiroux

    Arya, first of all I absolutely love the design/theme of your blog it is so visually appealing!

    I like the way you described building as making something out of nothing or nothing that was particularly useful on its own.
    The fact that you no longer have that little box but that you remember so much about building it and painting it and giving it away shows that you really enjoyed that process.
    While you may not have sophisticated tools or materials, it sounds like you do enjoy designing and creating which is something you can do with even common household or “found” materials.

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