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Oceans are large bodies of water that cover over 70% of our world. Oceans are home to many animals the ocean contains more than 800,000 species. There are consumers, producers and decomposers all over the ocean. But us humans are causing a lot of trouble for these underwater species.

Ocean producers: Ocean producers are plants that get their food from photosynthesis with is a way to get food through the sun. The main Producers In the ocean are Algae with is the main producer of the ocean, Some other producers are phytoplankton, kelp, seaweed and coral which is a producer, consumer and decomposer. In the ocean it’s not extremely hard to find food, Since their is over 1 million species in the ocean. The ocean is filled with lots of producers and food.

Ocean consumers: Ocean consumers are animals that eats producers. More than 75% of the ocean are producers, There are different types of producers there are the producers on the bottom of the food chain and some one the top called primary producers. For example, an animal that on the bottom of the food chain is a shrimp than a fish comes along and eats the shrimp, than a bigger fish comes and eats the smaller fish, later the leopard seal comes and eats the bigger fish, finally the shark comes and eats the leopard seal, The shark is the primary producer In this food chain, There are over half a million food chains in the ocean!

Human impact: The ocean has been a wonderful place full of great animals and plants, But us humans have been causing a lot of trouble, A few problems are over fishing and the worst: littering in the ocean, Some people usually drop a bag into the ocean thinking it won’t do no harm because it’s only one bag. Than come more and more and more people who litter once it goes into the ocean it can land on plant which is very bad but worse some animals mistake the plastic beg for food animal that can mistake this accident can go from tiny fish to huge whales and sharks, once an animal swallows the bag, it can possibly wrap around body parts such as lungs and liver which can cause bad pain and most of the time: death. Already many communities and people are trying to stop this problem, but everyone has to help. Even though there are only five oceans, Atlantic, Pacific, Indian, Southern, and Arctic It covers over 70%of the world and one third are garbage patches.

Decomposers: Decomposers are biotic creatures that break down dead animals and plant matter and recycle the nutrients back into the soil, decomposers in the ocean contain such as: Brittle stars, sea worms, sea slugs, marine worms, fungus and the main one is bacteria.

The ocean is a wonderful place with beautiful plants and animals, We have been trashing it a little bit but if everyone helps we can change it back into what it used to be.

8 thoughts on “Ecosystem writing

  1. I love how you constructed your first paragraph! It really was hooking and made me want to know why we are harming ocean animals and to learn all about their producers, consumers, and decomposers.

  2. I liked the food web because it has a background and you had some good animals there.
    I liked the writing because there was a lot of info.

  3. Oceans are very interesting there are many things that we can learn but what is a brittle star? What can help the ocean?

  4. I liked your essay. I think it was very interesting that more the half the world is covered by oceans! My favorite paragraph was the consumers. I like the sound of a leopard seal. It sounds amazing.

  5. I like your project I thought it was really good. I like how you said all about producers and consumers and even decomposers.

  6. Your Writing was great. I learned a lot. The ocean must be fun to write about. Great work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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