News Report #1 Estimation Jar

It was October 13, a nice sunny day as Ms. Cooper’s class was ready to take a break from and enjoy their morning recess. Suddenly he Ms.Stile walked down the, the children wondered, What is she doing here? Just at that moment she announced,”Take a look at the estimation jar as she held up a jar filled with tiny pumpkin erasers. Ms.Cooper took a picture of the jar, and took the students outside for recess.


There was a feeling that it would be an unlucky day. At least for 5-C.


The student stormed in from lunch just as the loudspeaker announced ‘’This is the final call for the estimation jar”. Ms. Cooper’s class hustled and decided that the were 90 erasers per row and 15 rows. 90 x 15 is 1350 but Ms.Cooper sped through it and got the answer of 1450. Nobody noticed until Naomi Fischer recognized that the calculations were wrong. Later the loudspeaker boomed “ The final number was 1340. The class moaned and were upset but were still happy that they got 2nd place. Remember always to check over your work.


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