Final Rocketry Reflection

In the large rocketry experience I learned to become a better teammate and consider other people’s opinion’s. I learned that less arguing can lead to more time spending on the rocket and that means that more time and effort will lead a higher rocket. My group had some communicating problem’s, in my opinion led to a low first rocket. Most importantly you need to be kind. If your group is not nice to each other¬† that will lead to fight about almost everything. plus you would get no work done and you would not have a rocket.

Overall my favorite part of the experience was the third launch. Despite the¬†competitiveness I was really exited to see how our last rocket would turn out. I thought tat our third rocket was the best built and was happy to be the Rocket Launcher. I think the main problem was some people took over the tempo of the group. Our rocket’s got higher this led each fail to a better rocket.

I learned that I am sometimes to overpowered and not let anyone else speak, i learned that I could be foolish but then turn around and be very hard -working. I think this rocketry unit really opened myself up. I thought that the biggest moral was that you have to stick together and work together or your group will fall apart. This very fun and exiting rocketry unit has taught me a lot of important lesson’s in life, sadly, this has come to an end

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