Rube Goldberg #3

Once I started building it came along quickly, I have used marbles, jenga blocks, a hair  dryer and much more. Most of my project will be built around my stairs. I am currently 1/3 done with building so I do feel that I will turn this project in, in time.  I expect that my project will take at least 15 tries until it succeeds. But sometimes I still do not now how to start the hair dryer, but I revised and came up that a rock that is attached to a string will fall and pull the lever, do you know what that is called, IMAGINATION!! boom another great idea, I can not wait until we can dive in deeper into this really great project.

1 thought on “Rube Goldberg #3

  1. Aviv, I liked how you shared your process of revising an idea when it wasn’t working. Be sure to continue to incorporate this kind of detail into your posts. I am excited to see you final machine!

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