Social issues

Even though we encounter with multiple social issues all of the time, I think that homelessness is the most important. No matter if it is in New York City or Los Angles.

Most people deserve the best life they can, because most of the time homeless people come from poor families so its not really their fault. Or some homeless people waist their money on gambling or some other very bad things. Just think about it, we live in Scarsdale, where almost anyone can afford meals and even vacation trips, so next time you are at a party or something like that, think that there are thousands of homeless people begging for food and money, with a chance of dying from starvation, or if it is cold, pneumonia. This is why we should really help out these people in need.

Now lets go over a homeless man’s day, you sleep in the streets, wake up, spend the whole day sitting and begging while making, best case scenario $15, would you really enjoy a life like that?     Also, I forgot to add that homeless people don’t have education, really, they don’t have anything, not even family.

This is a massive problem because it is  all over the world, and it is a hard problem to solve. Even just a dollar can make a person’s day. So if you can, I ask you please go ahead and do it, it may also make you happy, knowing that you did something great today.


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