The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe

In the book, “ The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe,” everybody is enjoying themselves in Narnia except for Edmund. The book is about four sibling who venture through a wardrobe, to a magical place in a old mansion. there is a evil witch in control of Narnia (the magical world hidden in the wardrobe) and a Faun who has befriended lucy, one of the children.


Power is very important in Narnia, and I think that the WItch has the power. She can take advantage of the setting, which is shown because it is always winter in Narnia, although the holidays never arrive. Also, she uses her power in a negative way, she threatens people and sometimes even turns them to stone. That convinces many people to help her gain even more power.


Also, she will use power to convince or know more about someone, for example, she gave Edmund Turkish Delight, which he did not know they were magical, and addicting, Also, Edmund did not know that the witch is evil and tries to capture humans, when she said that if he brings his brothers she will give him more sweets. Edmund also mentioned that Lucy was already in Narnia with a Faun, who was supposed to capture Lucy but the Faun and her became friends. Witch caused Tumnus (the Faun) to be arrested.


Overall, the witch shows power in multiple ways, in most times hurting others, I think that the witch has something against humans, I think that it is quite clear that the witch has the power and she is using it in a selfish, bad way.


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  1. I like how your intro sums everything up, but you use more details in for the part of the story that you’re writing about. Good job!

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