Answering my Sub and Main Inquiry Question- Capstone Post #5

Sub question #1 What was Nike like when they were first established.


This question was quite easy to answer, all I really had to do was find out when the company was established, who did and why did he want to start a sports company. I found out that Nike was a company founded by running coach Bill Bowerman and middle distance runner Phil Knight, Phil Knight had a crazy idea and went to Japan to find some shoes sell in America, he started to sell Onitsuka shoes, now known as ASICS. First known as blue ribbon sports, and in 1971 College student designed the famous swoosh and Phil decided on the make Nike named after the greek goddess of victory. Nike’s first shoe was made out of a waffle iron, bowerman wanted a grip without the spikes on the bottom, Nike went from spending one thousand dollar to making eight thousand dollars in its first year! Nike was incredibly popular in Oregon Collage because everyone who ran bought Bowerman and Knight shoes. Can you believe that Nike surpassed a billion dollars in less than ten years in ten years Nike went from a thousand to a billion dollars. As Nike legacy went on such as Carolyn Davidson designed the famous swoosh for only thirty five dollars to serial killer Gary Gilmore’s final words before being executed leading to the famous nike saying: Just Do It.


Sub question #2 How has the pricing of Nike products impacted the company’s growth or sales?


I always wondered what really made Nike so i asked is it the pricing, for the quality of shoes Nike does not really own the strong pricing of shoes, when a regular running shoe is out there in some stores it could possibly go for about $40 but in Nike the same shoe could be worth $60 can you believe the same quality of shoe going for a $20 difference! The reasoning for this is because nike is so popular and loved by so many people that even though it is the same quality shoe. People don’t know that the shoe is same quality and just like to play it safe and go to Nike.

Nike is being very smart, after they captured the heart of so many people and they pass it along. Nike is very smart but now the pricing is not attracting customers and not helping it grow.


Sub Question #3How has the equipment quality of Nike products impacted the company’s growth


This is an area where Nike dominates, Nike has captured the hearts of many, many customers, Nike has introduced Air max, which is incredibly popular. This has airpods on the bottom which is very comfortable footwear. Nike also has for regular, light, and tough modes in their shoes, for some Nike Air shoes there are those three modes, light mode is a very light shoe without that much cushions but it can make you run quicker because the weight that you are carrying on your feet is much lighter. In tough mode, the shoe is much heavier than the light shoe, the comfort is better than the light because the tough mode has a lot of cushioning, makes it very comfortable, making your shoe with extra air and tiny cushions, regular mode is the shoe you would find not to heavy of light and has pretty comfortable cushions, some other brands have tried this but what makes Nike special is that the light mode even has great cushioning,and the tough is still not to heavy. Nike is quite strong in every aspect of comfort and performance and mode of a shoe.

Sub question #4 How has show deals with famous athletes impacted the success of the company


Deals with famous athletes have tremendously helped Nike become what it is today, as I said before when Nike make money from a certain athlete, they use that money to sign a new one, this is why Nike has a crew of great players including, Michael Jordan, LeBron James, Kevin Durant, Kobe Bryant,Kyrie Irving, Giannis Antetokounmpo, and Ben Simmons. You walk to school or go to N.Y.C you see at least a few people rocking Jordans Kobe or LeBron. Think about it Cavs fans are going to buy Lebrons, While Philly fans hate LeBron, when Nike made the money from LeBron they brang Ben Simmons so now all of Phili has a shoe of their hometown team, eventually Nike will capture almost a player from every team bringing in so much money and customers. Basketball isn’t the only sport Nike has soccer players like Ronaldinho, Ronaldo, Tennis with Roger Federer, and golf with Tiger Woods. Nike shoe deals with famous athletes has affected the success of Nike in a very strong way, even though Nike makes most money from regular Nike because it is cheaper.


Sub question #5 How does Nike stay up there as the number one sports company,


Nike has been on top of the chain for sports company for more than a decade, you must be wondering how does Nike does this, Nike stays up there by reinvesting, Nike made millions of dollars on Jordans and used them on LeBron when Nike made money on LBJ they used it on KD,and so on and so forth after a couple years Nike would have around ten players with all their shoes selling, all together making huge amount of money the crazy thing is that all of the shoes are selling great, the Jordans are and the are over twenty years old! On the other hand Under Armour used all their money that they made of Steph Curry and used it on really stupid stuff that did not help the company at all, they used on luxury houses, Jewelry for the owner, instead of getting another NBA player that could have affected their company in a great way, now all of the company lies on one shoe so Under Armour is not progressing Adidas doing the right thing but it is just clear that Nike is just more popular. Nike at the same time is releasing shoes with extremely high technology, such as the Nike MAGS 2016, thee shoes were in the shoe back to the future and re currently the most expensive shoe for it light up heels and most importantly self tying, there are only 84 pairs of this shoe and in October they went up for raffle each ticket was ten dollars and millions entered, with all the money the retail price is in the hundred thousands.

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