Site Visit Blog post #4

Now that Capstone is nearing a end, I still had to get done with my site visit. I wanted to go to the Nike factory store but the closest on was one hour and thirty minutes away, and that was not going to happen. I found out that there is a kids footlocker in the Galleria in Westchester, so me and my dad quickly got out of the house and zipped away to Foot Locker, really i didn’t feel like this Site Visit helped me out that much. It only, helped me answer the pricing of Nike compared to other brand’s. Turn’s out Nike and Adidas has the same price for the quality of shoe but Under Armour is a little cheaper then the other by an average of $5. Going to a shoe store could not help me answer my other questions, so I just got some good facts about that sub-question, I really think I really think that I could have gotten more stuff done if I went to the Nike store, but it is what it is.

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