Working On Final Product Blog Post#6

With, Capcon coming in everything had to be finished, including scripts, slideshows and practice.

In my opinion my goal for my script was to keep my audience interested and not make it boring,this part was easy. I think my topic was easy to be interested to, there was a lot of fun facts and exiting info about Nike, so this was quite easy.

Another area there was was the slideshow, it was really easy because all my photos were simple and to the point, for example, most of my photos were logos or people which made it so easy, i think the photos are going to help me keep the interest of my audience.

The part that worried me was the practice, to be honest I didn’t have that much time to practice and I have to remember specific facts, a couple days before the final presentation I lost my script which was a complete disaster, but after I managed to find some time to practice I memorized it.

Before the final presentation, I presented in front of Mr.Casal, he gave me a couple great ways to improve my slideshow,those small fixes really helped my presentation look sharp.

Now I just need to hope for the best on my presentation!


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