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My name is Angela, but I like the nick name Erin. I love to make things and draw things like anime or manga. I usually draw cats now though because my best friend does it all the time (she likes to doodle). My favorite color is green. Though keep in mind, if you read my blog, I ALWAYS change things.


Make a character

I have no ideas on what to draw so here is a challenge. In the comments you can describe (brown hair, blue eyes, etc.) a character of your own creation but it has to be some sort of anime character or cat. I will draw the character and put it on this blog post. I may not draw it right away because I am busy too.



I think Chains is a good book. I think this because the different settings in the book create some kind of mood making it an interesting book to read. Also, the mood can also make you feel sympathy for Isabel and Ruth (Isabel’s younger sister). In addition, things in the book can symbolize certain things. For example, the shiny pebble Ruth picked up on page 11 reminds Isabel about how innocent she is but how she is caught up in the horrible affairs. Also, I think that Isabel took the seeds from her mothers old jar because, when she was about to go, she wanted to bring a bit of her mom and home with her.


What’s your Favorite Animal

WHAT is your favorite animal?

In the COMMENTS, PLEASE put the animal color, (mammal or not), (on land or sea), (Carnivore, Omnivore, Herbivore) and the first letter of your favorite animal (optional). I will try to guess it. Try and guess mine, AND IF YOU ALREADY KNOW AND READ MY FIRST POST, PLEASE DO NOT TELL FOR THOSE WHO HAVEN’T. I will put more animals each two months.


Month 3:

Red, Orange, Yellow, Gold





Month 4:





The Hunger Games

If you have not read the Hunger Games I really recommend it to you. It is an amazing book but I still think the first book is the best. I think my favorite character has to be Rue. Though, she died. But anyways, if you haven’t read the Hunger Games you really should.