Capstone Blog Post #1

5R has just started a new project called Capstone. Capstone is a presentation that someone gives on a topic that they’re interested in learning or already know a lot about and are passionate about it.

The first step was to think about what we wanted to do our Capstone about. I chose personal hygiene because I think this is a topic that people need to know and learn about because it’s an important skill that I think everyone should do/practice. After we thought about that, we had to fill in a “Curriculum Wheel Organizer”. A Curriculum Wheel Organizer is an organizer where you put in questions about your topic based on the box you fill out. For example, there is a math box, so I think of a question based on my topic (personal hygiene in case you forgot). For math you could do percentages and number of things etc. So I could put in “How much money does Costco make from hand wipes in an average year?” or something like that.

After you have completely finished the organizer, you do a one on one zoom call with our teacher to discuss our “Main Inquiry Question.” A main inquiry question is your main question that you choose to base you sub questions on. For example a main inquiry question for me could be, “How has personal hygiene and mortality affected the ecosystem?” and one of my five sub questions could be, “Have animals been dying because of our mortality rate?”

Next, we have to do this exact blog post and explain everything we’ve been doing for Capstone.

After we finish this, we move onto researching, yes, I can hear the sighs of relief. We get to research based on our five sub questions that are based off of our main inquiry question. This is where everything connects. There are two slides for each sub question. One for writing down the article’s name, how we know it’s a reliable source, the date of publication and one for writing down the notes that you gathered up from reading or listening the to article, website, database, book, and/or video.

It’s been really fun working on Capstone and I will probably have more fun on the actual presentation.

Curling Field Trip Reflection

On Tuesday morning, our class went to go curling. When we got there, we sat in the warm room and had a talk about what we’re going to do and what our groups were going to go. Before our field trip, we made the groups already, so we knew who to go to.

On the first time I did my practice curl, I accidentally let go when we weren’t supposed to when it was time to curl against another group. Luckily, my group was made up with all of my friends, so we got along nicely. Nobody scored. Until my teammate’s last score. She made her stone go in the house! The house is the main target. The button is in the middle of the house. The closer to the button, the better. We finally got a point. But curling is a sport with good sportsmanship so we didn’t go crazy. After everything, everybody shook hand and said “Good curling,” and left to go back to school.

Curling is a sport I would definitely do again for a field trip except for longer next time. I also want to learn more about sweeping technique and when to and not to stop sweeping. hopefully, I can have another chance to go curling with friends. Thank you for reading this blog post, bye!

Launch #2 Reflection

Launch one was pretty good but launch 2 was better this is what we did

After launch 1 we had to change one thing about our rocket. Most of us voted that the problem was the nose cone so that’s that one variable that we changed.

We were ready for launch 2. It was windy, cloudy and very cold in my opinion. When it was my groups turn to launch everything went well until it was time to take off… I pushed the launch button too hard and a little air escaped. But the rocket still went five meters higher than the first launch. Everyone’s group went well. Nothing exploded both times we launched which was a bit disappointing because I was expecting something to blow up, but it was a great experience to be a part of.

I think overall that both launches were great because we didn’t give up on building it which I’m pretty proud of because it was hard to build the rocket itself and launch the rocket to see that it only went 14 meters high when everyone else’s got way higher than ours.

This is my video of Mrs. Roberts class model rocketry unit.

King George, What Was His Problem

I think that Benedict Arnold is a little self centered. I also think that Benedict Arnold and General Gage have a rough relationship, especially because General Gage has a higher ranking than Mr. Arnold. The Americans were very smart by climbing the trees and shooting the British soldiers from above. Will the Americans win another show down with the french on their side?


Charlie’s Wish

I think Charlie wished for a different thing than she usually wishes. I wonder if she wished for more friends. I think Charlie likes living in Colby because she finally has someone to share her problems with. So I think Charlie wishes to be with her family in Colby. I also think she wished for her not to be lonely any more. She wants to make more friends be with her family and be happy just like the Odom family.

Teatown Reflection

Teatown is a super fun place to learn about nature.

I liked learning with the town model and seeing what we are doing to the Earth because I would always like to know what I’m doing and trying to fix it. I learned that you can take toxic, but natural things and turn them into fertilizer. You can plant trees or even flowers. The fertilizer strengthens the soil to make better plants grow.

I learned that water is connected to land, like the geosphere (Rocks), atmosphere (Air) and the biosphere (Life).The three things I named are all connected to the Hydrosphere.  The second thing that I learned about water being connected to land was if we have more fertilizer we could plant more trees, bushes or even grass to have more filtered water. let me tell you how it works. If you have grass in a sloped lawn and it was just raining the water at the end of the slope would be mostly clean because the root of the plants job is to hold. To hold the plant,but it can also hold loose soil in the ground. the bigger the roots the better your water will be.

I think the sand box should be a little bigger because if there are to many kids in a class some kids might not be able to stick there hands in at all. kids have to rotate, but one kid doesn’t want to give up there spot. I also think each student could build a model to see how the water cycle works like getting a cup and putting water in it, cover the open part of the cup with saran wrap and place a few ice cubes on top and do other activities. At the end of the trip we check on our cups to see what happened and predict what will happen next. (We all get to take the models home so we can test it out again.)