Final Rocketry Reflection Assignment

Rocketry Reflection

Due Friday, Dec. 15th

Congratulations!  Your mission has been accomplished!  Now that you have successfully collaborated with your team to design, build and create three amazing rockets, it’s time reflect on this entire process.  Think back to the very beginning of the unit when you first brainstormed ideas and made your inspiration boards to the design and building phase, and finally to the excitement surrounding each launch.  What did you learn about rockets? What were your favorite moments?  What was most challenging?  Additionally, think about the effort and time you put into creating your final presentations.  What worked well?  What was challenging?  What did you learn about working as a team and presenting work to an audience?  

Your rocketry reflection should be at least 3 paragraphs, each with a specific focus and examples to support your ideas.  For instance, you may want to discuss what you learned about yourself and what you learned working in a group in one paragraph, and write all about what you learned about rockets in another.  In your reflection, consider the questions above, but be sure you address the following:

  • What did you learn about rockets through designing, building and testing them?  
  • How did having three launches impact the successes and “failures” of each rocket?
  • What did you learn about yourself by working in a group?
  • What did you learn about working in a group?  How will this impact you in the future, collaborating in other group projects?

Lastly, be sure to thoroughly edit and revise your reflection.  Once it is ready to publish, post it to your blog and title it, “Final Rocketry Reflection.”

I look forward to reading all of your thoughts and ideas related to this unit!  

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