Home of the Brave Movie Trailer Assignment

Home of the Brave Movie Trailer Assignment

Due Date: TBD

Imagine “Home of the Brave” was being made into a movie?  Wouldn’t that be exciting?  Now that we’ve finished the entire book, your task is to create a movie trailer for this book.  You will need to use your knowledge of the book as well as what you know about movie trailers to complete this assignment.  You will be learning how to use a new tool, WeVideo, to put it altogether.  

Refer to the following guidelines for your trailer:

  • It must be exactly 30, 45 or 60 seconds in duration
  • Give the audience an overview of the story
  • Include a variety of images (at least 8 for 30 second trailer)
  • Include background music
  • Your voice over/narration must be clear and audible (it’s recommended to do this recording at home in a quiet space)

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