January/February Update

Here’s what we’ve been up to over the past several weeks and what we’ll be working on when we return from the break.  

In reading, students have been learning to research a topic so that they can present well-supported arguments to the members of their group.  Students have worked on creating reading plans, annotating texts to hold onto important information as they read, summarizing and organizing their notes to support both sides of the argument.  Students will be debating their issues within their groups referring to their notes as well as other resources such as videos and informational books.  

In writing, students have been writing literary essays on various short stories as well as drafting research-based argument essays on the same topics they’ve been reading about.  They have learned to support their claim with reasons and provide their reader with relevant and varied evidence.  

In math, students having been deepening their understanding of fractions.  Students are exploring the relationship between multiplying and dividing fractions through visual models as well as applying these skills to to interpret various word problems.  

In social studies, students are deep into our immigration unit, learning about the push and pull factors for immigrants during the early 1900’s as well as the journey to Ellis and Angel islands.  Simultaneously, students are learning about refugees around the world in different time periods through our class read aloud.  They are discovering many similarities in their situations and discussing the decisions and challenges these individuals faced.  Students have started a stop motion movie project where they will create a movie on one of the immigration topics we’ve researched.

Students did an amazing job on their Rube Goldberg machines!  In the Spring, students will take on their next science unit: mixtures and solutions!  

During this past month, students also enjoyed curling at the Ardsley Curling Club with Mr. Borgia.  They learned how to manipulate the ice in order to advance the stone toward their target (called the house).  

Students have been working very hard in all subject areas!  There is so much to learn and experience in 5th grade and so much more to come!  

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