January 25

So, What Next? Tech #9

Now that we have finished, what do we do now? Well we can carry what we have learned with us, add it to that “learning tool box” from 2nd grade, and use it when every we need it. But when will we need? Well, technology can be like math, you use it and come across it more than you would think. Technology is all around us. Our world would be completely different with out it. What makes our world complex is that now we are combining our ideas and coming us with modified ones. So basically, nobody is ever satisfied, but that’s cool, it’s that hunger for more that brings us to today. Technology isn’t just complex ideas, like airplanes, computers, cars etc. Thechnology is as simple as a weel, calendar, fire, door, chairs, etc. I mean our life would be totally different without the simple technology that we have today. I mean can you imagine life without chairs and tables? Technology is all around us, and now we can recognize it.

January 25

Coming to an end Tech #8

This quarter went by so quickly! From learining about circuts, to making them, to putting them in a flashlight. We have come a long way. We have learned so much! It is now our last day! I can’t believe that our quarter of fun as come to an end. I have learned s much about technology that I hadn’t known before. Even though he didn’t take Technology yet, my brother is super excited just by the projects I have been taking home. I will miss Technology greatly.

January 18

Mission: Flashlight Tech #7

Waterproof flash light plan, first draft drawn (approximately) to scale.

From a plan to the final product we made our Flashlights. After all the preparation and lessons on how to make a circuit and how it works. We sawed tubes and soldered wires together. Now ur hard work can light the way!

Finally a Flashlight! 

December 20

Soldering People? Tech #6

How do you solder again? That’s what I thought, and honestly I was a bit afraid of soldering at first. I mean who isn’t at least a bit afraid of holding a tool that can melt meter at 846º Fahrenheit? Well I tried to melt my solder peron’s arms to the body. I was harder than I expected. I took more tries than I had thought, but I got it all together in the end. Now the solder metal connects my body to the arms!

December 19

Switches Tech #5

For the past few classes, we have been makeing switches from cardboard, tin foil, and other materials like popsicle sticks. We have yet to make the breadboards which will pt our switches in action. The tin foil conducts electricity when they touch each other the electrons can get to the positive side of the battery to meet the protons. On there way they past through the light bulb, which is hard so it takes a little extra force and it results with light in the light bulb. We try to Mae it so that after the pieces of tin foils touch they bounce back by them selves. Once each switch completed we can start the breadboards and we can light the way for the self driving car game.

December 6

Break Out! #2

Today in Technology we atemted to unlock a box with two locks that contained the key to the safety googles… and we succeed! One thing that helped us was how we worked together. In the beginning we3 struggled a bit, but after we found out everyone’s strengths different groups of people when out to find different clues. We worked together and shared the information that we found with each other.


December 5

The Singing Lights! Tech #4

Singing lights!

Click the link above to watch us complete the circuit and light up a light bulb in class!

Today we built circuits. Our goals was to light up the light. We were given a battery pack, a few wires, a switch, and a light. We connected the stripped end of the wire (the part with the insulation taken off) was connected to the middle of the switch and another to one of the ends, and the metal is connecting those two sides the electrons can pass trough it and the circuit will be complete and the light will tight up. We see light because it is harder for the electron sink to pass through the wire in the light bulb and it creates friction witch sparks light. And that is how we light up the world!

November 28

What “stuff” made up of? Technology #3

The “stuff” or matter around us is all made up of atoms. Atoms have electrons (negative charge) and space around the nucleus. Inside the nucleus there are protons (positive charge), and nutrons (neutral charge). Nutrons separate the protons from other protons for like charges repell from each other. Now atoms are super small, it’s actually impossible to see them. Imagine this: you are in the year 2082 and you have a grapefruit in your hand. Now you have an inlarger ray and you enlarge your grapefruit to the size of the earth. Congratulations! How’s you can see atoms, but they are only the size of a blueberry, so you can’t quite see the nucleus, but you want to see it! So you take the enlarger ray and enlarge a blueberry to the size of a stadium. Now you can see the nucleus and it’s the size of  a marble.

November 19

Saftey Rules in Techlology #1

Yesterday in class we learned abot the importance of saftey and how to be safe. We learned that it is very important to be careful with all tools, even tools as simple as sissors! We learned rules that are quite simple, but play a vital role in engineering. Some rules are as simple as useing in the way they are meant to be used like always cuting, or scraping away from your hands, or always cheching micins lke the saldering iron, before we use then. We learned the importance of saftey glasses, and how we only get one pair of eyes, so we must keep them safe! We also must tie our hair back, tuck in dangaling jewlery, and avoid baggy clothing. If we stay aware of these rules then we can become sussesful engineeres.