Ranger in Time~a Literary Essay.

 Ranger in Time~a Literary Essay.

Written by Amelie DeCataldo

Book by Kate Messner

 In The book Ranger in Time By Kate Messner Lily Chen lived in a Mission house. When the great earthquake hit she lost her dear friend Gum Gum and lost the others living with her. A dog named Ranger helped her get out of the Mission house before it collapsed. Lily was grieving over Gum Gum and felt bad that she had left him behind,she finds a new friend, May and they go on a journey to help a brother, find family, and save an animal Lily would’ve never saved. 

        I Think The book Ranger in Time By Kate Messner had a lot of different main ideas and of the big one being: You shouldn’t leave someone behind but sometimes it’s better to let people go. My evidence for this theme is that in the beginning of the book Lily Chen said “I left home here” this was on page eighteen. Her feelings about this fish and what happened to him affected the book. One of these occurrences being my next piece of evidence.

        When she was about to leave the golden canary behind on page eighty one she then remembered how she left Gum Gum behind. At first, Lily was saying NO but then she took the cage. This piece of evidence proves that she has changed.

          Then again on pages 121 124  she and ranger was saying goodbye. If she didn’t leave ranger behind she could’ve got seriously hurt or worse. Then because renger had helped her he would’ve been sent back home and lily would be all alone. This supports the second half of my theme. Sometimes it’s better to let people go. 

            Without Lily making the tough decision to leave ranger the would have both been in danger. Lily Chen has changed alot since the beginning of the book. In the beginning she would have never made the decision to take the bird and yet it happened. She would have never left Ranger and yet it happened. You have to make a lot of  decisions even if it means letting someone stay or letting someone go.

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