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 Ranger in Time~a Literary Essay.

 Ranger in Time~a Literary Essay.

Written by Amelie DeCataldo

Book by Kate Messner

 In The book Ranger in Time By Kate Messner Lily Chen lived in a Mission house. When the great earthquake hit she lost her dear friend Gum Gum and lost the others living with her. A dog named Ranger helped her get out of the Mission house before it collapsed. Lily was grieving over Gum Gum and felt bad that she had left him behind,she finds a new friend, May and they go on a journey to help a brother, find family, and save an animal Lily would’ve never saved. 

        I Think The book Ranger in Time By Kate Messner had a lot of different main ideas and of the big one being: You shouldn’t leave someone behind but sometimes it’s better to let people go. My evidence for this theme is that in the beginning of the book Lily Chen said “I left home here” this was on page eighteen. Her feelings about this fish and what happened to him affected the book. One of these occurrences being my next piece of evidence.

        When she was about to leave the golden canary behind on page eighty one she then remembered how she left Gum Gum behind. At first, Lily was saying NO but then she took the cage. This piece of evidence proves that she has changed.

          Then again on pages 121 124  she and ranger was saying goodbye. If she didn’t leave ranger behind she could’ve got seriously hurt or worse. Then because renger had helped her he would’ve been sent back home and lily would be all alone. This supports the second half of my theme. Sometimes it’s better to let people go. 

            Without Lily making the tough decision to leave ranger the would have both been in danger. Lily Chen has changed alot since the beginning of the book. In the beginning she would have never made the decision to take the bird and yet it happened. She would have never left Ranger and yet it happened. You have to make a lot of  decisions even if it means letting someone stay or letting someone go.


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During these past few days I have learned so much in LearnStorm and I really want to share what I learned.

in this project we learned all about neurons, growth mindset and fixed mindset , and even how to stop listening to your fixed mindset voice.


neurons are brains cells. one single neuron can’t do all the things your brain needs to do even to do something as simple as pick up a glass of water. luckily, there are more than one. There are about more than 100 billion neurons in your brain. did you know that your brain works like a muscle . let’s say you’re serious about something and you do it for a long period of time.( don’t think days think months and years). after all of this hard training you will develop muscles .


It might be a slap in the face to hear this but struggling is good for you. In Fact it’s better to struggle at first. If you don’t struggle you’ll never get better. when you struggle your neurons get stronger because when you struggle your neurons are struggling too. when neurons struggle they lean on each other and make connections. when they make connections they start to form a densely connected network inside your brain, letting the little jolts of electricity to pass down them more efficiently. doing this makes you think facter and get your brain stronger.

Growth mindset and Fixed mindset

A growth mindset is when you believe that you can grow your brain and you believe that you can get it right instead of a fixed mindset. In a growth mindset you don’t give up and that you do stuff even though it is hard. A fixed mindset is mostly the exact opposite of a growth mindset it means you don’t believe you can do it and that that you don’t think you can grow your brain.

How to stop listening to your fixed mindset.

To stop listening to your fixed mindset you have to believe in yourself and really know that you can do it and never stop trying! when you hear your fixed mindset voice you tell yourself things like:

I will never stop trying!!!                                                                                                            or                                                                                                                       it’s okay at least my neurons will grow and fixed mindset voice i have something to tell you


I hope you enjoyed my blog and hope that you have learned some stuff about LearnStorm

Greek festival

It took forever for the cold ruthless air to sink in and even when it did, it wasn’t really gone. It followed me everywhere like a second shadow, one that followed me in the dark one, that I could never escape. Even under all the layers it would find me. Taught me and disappear into the pitch black sky. At first I wanted to come now I had doubts. The cold air tingled my scalp, It’s not going to be fun. my mind was constantly telling me this and now I was starting to believe it. That one sentence was ringing in my head,  After all this time I had been waiting for hoping for this night and now it came and it broke my heart. It wasn’t because of the fair it was because of It  that wretched little…. 

I clenched my fists that dreadful cold. It shakes me up and down until I only chatter. 

 My sister was skiping around SINGING, I scoffed.

“Tell me cat, how are you not cold,” I said 

“Magic,” she said then stuck her toung out              .

“I hate you cat” I groaned

“Tell me something I don’t know,” she sang.

“Uggggggggghhh” I said through gritted teeth.

We walked closer and closer getting colder and colder when we reached the entrance I saw a church and my doubts got strong almost taking over overwhelming me. I was heating up. This is going to be the worst fair in the world. This is going to be the worst fair in the world. I thought sourly, but then I saw carnival lights. I got a little less uncertain but my attitude didn’t change a bit just because there are lights doesn’t mean it’s fun. Then the cold came back as vile as ever sucking all the warmth out of me like a vacuum cleaner and replacing it with the cold damp air I was so afraid of. But the only thing I hated more that my cold, spitfull, villainous, and malicious shadow was disappointment that deep dark hole I could never seem to get out of was what I felt right then.


I had to face it : disappointment. The one thing I hated most had to be hiding in what I wanted most and rotting my hope away. I wanted to have fun I really did but I was too stubborn constantly telling myself it wasn’t going to be fun. The thing I had waited for for so long was sucking me into that pit trapping me in the darkness and leaving. Everytime I tried to step towards the carnival lights they seemed to go farther back like they were running away. I was disappointed in the lines that held me back from having fun the long curved snakes seeming to never end so we could never get tickets. Looking around at other people having fun and not me made me insanely jealous. Not having any fun whatsoever was like feeding oil to a fire, making it worse. The hole was swallowing me up and spitting me out repeatedly making me want to run away and hide from the disappointment I was going to find waiting. Cat’s palm took mine. My mom, sister, brother, and I locked hands, fingers laced into one another walking into light.

I actually started to have fun looking through all the boutique shops and stores of greek goods but still the bitter cold followed me every step I took every turn I made the disappointment In me slowly started to wear of slowly it shed but still My disappointment was still bitter like red wine slowly corrupting me but I kept persisting. I was finally having fun after all that worrying. I wasn’t going to let that fun go and while I was thinking about it, I thought about all the times I had been disappointed for nothing this place was fun and I had to face it I was too stubborn. I was disappointed when there was no hazelnut ice cream and I made a huge deal about it and I actually liked the flavor I had. The time when my mom put out my new shoes to dry and then it rained but she could just wash them again. I really felt bad that I was being too stubborn so I grabbed a hat- I couldn’t be a kid forever, I needed to have some fun.


“Cat check this out” I called as I slapped on the beige hat with a black bow I posed and put one hand on my hip and made a duck face.


“Ha ha very funny-”


“Look at me” my sister called pulling a black one from the pile interrupting my brother jumping up and landing in a ballet pose-then a duck face.


“War!” My brother screamed charging toward us. We toppled onto the ground laughing. I had learned one thing on this trip it’s best to have fun and not scowl on the sidelines thinking about how stupid a fair was.


 My family and I stood in the middle of the entire square. My dad came and stood with us, he had finally got off the line for waiting for the loukoumades. He was holding a pearly white box and handed us each a toothpick. When papa opened the box the first warm feeling came to me. Loukoumades were a Greek type of fried dough in other words joy. Honey drizzle on top of each perfectly golden oval and dusted cinnamon. Each bite made me want more the soft chewy dough of sugar and spice. While watching the night sky one arm wrapped around my mom’s shoulder I realized all this time I had been stubborn for nothing. I loved my family and that was all I really needed. As the first firework shot into the air suddenly I wasn’t so cold.


Student Rights

I feel student rights are important because kids have rights like adults as well as at home we also have rights at school. Most rights are included in the bill of rights but sometimes there are exceptions, like if a teacher thinks you have cheated on a test and they have good reason they have the right to search your bag, pockets, and desk to search for anything that could help you cheat. If they didn’t find the object that helped you cheat but they found something else like a packet of vapes or cigarettes you will get punished.

Although students have rights public schools can restrict certain activity and behaviors.the main restrictions included the first amendment and the fourth amendment.

First Amendment : The first amendment restricts the government from stopping you from expressing your feelings through speech and writing, It also prohibits the government from encouraging any particular religion.

Fourth Amendment :   he fourth amendment says that you can’t be searched and have your property being taken away for no good reason.

Students aren’t fully covered by these laws, because most are under eighteen years of age. Schools act in loco parentis. Loco parentis in English means in place of parents, so in other words, it means schools are in charge of the child’s well being. In my opinion this means that not only do you have rights but sometimes there are exceptions. In the bill of rights is so describes there are exceptions to certain laws, for example if you were screaming in class and your teacher made you be quiet and you had to listen they are taking away your right to freedom of speech, but in the bill of rights there is also a law to good education and if you are screaming you are taking away their right to education.

 60’s                                                                                                                                            During this time period some students in Iowa wore black armbands to protest the Vietnam war and got suspended. The school had violated there rights and the parents sued and brought the case to the supreme court. The court ruled that political expression was protected by the first amendment.

As one of the justices said “students do not shed their constitutional rights at the schoolhouse gate”

In a different case court stated that public schools can’t make you say anything you don’t want to even the pledge of allegiance. Also that public schools can’t force any religious beliefs on you.

If you have something you are not supposed to in your locker that’s to bad because they can search it the lockers are school property.

Overall I think all these laws make since all of them have good reason to them. All rights are important no mater how young or old people are even kids and students have rights.


Meditation is one of the things that makes people calmer and more mindset. It helps people relax. One of symbols meditation are the lotus  the  Buddha.  Calm is what alot people want to be and meditation can do that.  To me meditation is sitting on the floor of my room and closing my eyes not paying ataion to anything clearing my mind and listening to water running.  meditaion relese all doupt and stress  from your mind. Meditation can also mean sitting down and foucasing your mind on only n ething and the goal is to not lose that foucas and become on with the water.

“Meditation is a process of lightening up, of trusting the basic goodness of what we have and who we are, and of realizing that any wisdom that exists, exists in what we already have. We can lead our life so as to become more awake to who we are and what we’re doing rather than trying to improve or change or get rid of who we are or what we’re doing. The key is to wake up, to become more alert, more inquisitive and curious about ourselves.”– Pema Chodron


In May 2019 my family and I went to Vancouver, Canada and I think I can say it was amazing.

The house we were staying in was crimson red of the deepest hue, with a beautiful back garden. The vines intertwined with the trellis, and flowers everywhere.  When we greeted our dad at the door he told us he had ordered Chinese food. The interior decor was charming. I and my siblings immediately ran to our rooms. Our bedrooms were attached to bathrooms ours a Jacuzzi and a deep pearly white sink. my mom and dad’s room had a shower with seven different receiving points. That night we were famished after we checked out the rooms our stomachs were rumbling for food. After a hearty dinner, we rocked ourselves to sleep.

The next morning arose as I had and I looked for my sister cat, as it turns out she was sleepwalking that night, I guess she wasn’t used to yet the new home for now. I slumped down the stairs. I found some honey and whole grain bread. I smeared the golden gooey sweet mixture onto the brown bread. My head whirled around the quaint place and I bit into my sandwich.

The city of Vancouver was one of the coolest places I have ever seen, as we walked along the roads we came to the main street. We went into bakeries and out of stores, the smell of fresh-baked bread and pastries was what kept me going just the image of the golden bread baked goods was enough. Walking to the university was my least favorite part from the main street then just one long bike bath there it is like 2 miles long that one path without making a single turn I hated it, but it was worth it the campus was very nice.

The Tree Walk

We went on a hike as a family it was one of the first activities we did there, on the top there was a tree walk. A tree walk is one of those things that have bridges from tree to tree. well when we got to the top we climbed on. On each tree, there was some info about that tree on aboard. It made me sick just to look down the world

below us. It felt weird to be that high in the sky but not really, I was having so much fun at that point that I didn’t care. when we reached the end my dad said he didn’t want to do it again but, we could if we wanted to. So we did it one more time.


during our adventures in Vancouver we made sure to stop by the elegant Vandusen botanical garden it was breathtaking,

In Vandusen, there was also a small little restaurant that was just lovely

Image result for vandusen botanical garden

Image result for vandusen botanical garden

These are pictures of Vandusen.


In Vancouver, we also went biking it was fun to bike then stop at totem poles. and my family would stop chug down some water and eat then keep on going, sometimes we stopped to look at the pretty sites we biked past water, lush green woods and rocky mountains whatever we saw was great. At one point we were biking over a beautiful beach and we stopped to take a picture and to take a look. It took all day to bike, At six we stopped for dinner, when we found the concession stand. We had fish and chips and ice pops then as we were about to leave the sky turned scarlet, gold, pink, and red it was enchanting and we biked home.

Vandusen Botanical garden also has a shocking festival of lights here is a short clip