Read Aloud: Star Girl – Jot 1

Hillary Kimball used to have power over everyone but now Star Girl does. I know this because at the start of the book Hillary “held court” and everyone agreed with her statement because they didn’t want to get on her “bad side”. But now everyone is following Star Girl around. I know this because at the school football game she was in the court during halftime doing dances and only a couple of people went, but at the next game 1,000 people went just to see her dance the only people that didn’t come was Hillary and her boy friend just because they want to get all of the attention. Another example that I know that Star Girl gets all the attention is when a cheerleader invited her to be on the cheerleading team Over 100 people came to watch cheer practice just to see her. Now instead of Hillary getting all of the attention Star Girl does.

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